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HANI Metallurgy is Established in the early 90s.
Located in Xi’an city in Shaanxi province, which is the hometown of the melting furnace.
HANI Metallurgy has over 22 years of manufacturing experience in this industry and gains lots of professional technology and production experience. 

As a professional steelmaking furnace manufacturer, focusing on the development, design, and production of various specifications of electric arc furnace equipment, steelmaking electric arc furnaces, ladle refining furnaces, ferroalloy refining furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, horizontal charging electric arc furnaces, and electric arcs Furnace auxiliary equipment accessories: water-cooled furnace cover, water-cooled cable, alloy adding ingredients, electric arc furnace regulator, refining furnace regulator, and various trolley furnaces, well-type, box-type resistance furnaces used in heat treatment, etc. 

The company has more than one hundred technicians, including senior engineers, senior consultants, engineers, etc., with strong design capabilities and a strong technical force. Our products are extensively used in steel plant and mechanical industries, and we become the leading steelmaking furnace manufacturer in this industry in the mainland of China.

Depending on decades of production experience, our company acquired the specific high manufacturing technology to achieve excellent products with the best quality. Our high-quality products have passed the ISO:9001 certificate and we update our manufacturing and management levels to international standards.

The electric arc furnace and refining furnace produced by Hani Metallurgy has adopted and innovated the most advanced tubular water-cooled furnace cover technology, tubular water-cooled furnace wall technology, and copper-steel composite plate conductive cross-arm technology, EBT tapping technology, and large cross-section at present. Water-cooled cable technology, PLC control technology, high-impedance technology, auxiliary energy technology such as carbon-oxygen lance oxygen burner, oxygen-enriched operation technology, and hot metal hot charging technology have all been applied in electric furnaces. More specialized and precise design and manufacturing can be achieved for various furnace types. HANI Metallurgy has won praise from users and colleagues with its superb technical force, rich manufacturing experience, strict scientific management, and excellent after-sales service.

HANI Metallurgy’s one-to-one high-quality service realizes rapid response promptly solves technical and product quality problems, provides technical training and related technical support at any time, and provides customers with high-quality services to the greatest extent. The maximum value is implemented to ensure customer satisfaction.

We integrate the processing, test methods, and special manufacturing methods to build our own administration system, quality system, and techniques system. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously developing economic and social needs.

In order to further develop the international market, we have successively set up three overseas offices: the Dubai Office of the United Arab Emirates, the Yangon Office of Myanmar, and the Tehran Office of Iran.

EAF process flow
We can serve you a Turkey project:
Electric Arc Furnace
The HX-series three-phase ultra-high power Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is designed and manufactured according to the basic technical conditions of GBl0067.14 electric heating equipment. It is used for smelting carbon steel and alloy steel, and can provide primary refining liquid for refining equipment and eccentrically bottom tapping.

Submerged arc furnace
Submerged arc furnace(SAF): it's also known as an electric arc furnace or resistance electric furnace. It is mainly used to reduce smelting ore, carbonaceous reducing agents and solvents, etc. Mainly adapt to the production of ferrosilicon, ferromanganese ferrochrome, ferrotungsten, silicon manganese alloy, and other ferrous alloys.

Induction Furnace
Induction Furnace (IF) made by our company, also called a coreless induction furnace, is widely used to smelt ferrous metal as steel alloy, and iron, nonferrous metals such as stainless steel, copper, molybdenum, and zinc and keep temperature after smelting.

Ladle Refining Furnace
Ladle Refining Furnace(LF) is used to refine molten steel after the primary smelting furnace (IF). The purpose of this study is to improve the quality of steel and provide qualified steel for continuous casting machines. And also spare parts etc.

Based on the philosophy of win-win cooperation, we’d like to cooperate with more partners with advantages in techniques (for steel enterprises) or invest power in new product R&D and marketing to achieve common development and success.

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